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PK Property specialise in locating investment properties in areas of strong capital growth that return healthy yields and attract stable tenants.

Rather than a one-off purchasing service, we work with you over the years, introducing you to attractive property investments that not only build your property portfolio but help to create a secure environment for your retirement.


Purchasing property is not something you’re going to be involved in on a regular basis. Many people are not experienced in negotiating property and some are too busy to give the time required for a successful property negotiation.

PK Property are professional real estate negotiators. Our expertise can prevent costly mistakes, enhance profits and resolve problems.

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There is much to consider prior to purchasing an investment property.

We ensure you are provided with figures covering rental returns, expenses, strata fees, estimated capital growth, comparable sales data and much more so that you can make an educated decision. We also identify market trends and property hot spots through demographic reports that allow our investors to achieve maximum capital gain and rental growth.

Since 1977, PK Property has been adding to an extensive data base and network of contacts. This gives us access to properties that are not yet advertised to the public. We call these silent sales. This is a major advantage because it exposes you not just to properties being advertised, but to the entire real estate market.

Below are six key mistakes we see investors make when purchasing an investment property:

1.Buying for high rental yields, but little or no capital growth.

2.Paying way over fair market value because of inadequate negotiation skills.

3.Purchasing investments on inflated or incorrect rental yields.

4.Purchasing for tax deductions instead of capital gain.

5.Making heart decisions, rather than head decisions.

6.Getting frustrated with the search process and making a rushed decision.

For the most competitive fees and to ensure your next property investment is made with confidence, speak to one of our Sydney property investment professionals now on (+ 61 2 9960 1066) or email us today to obtain a fixed price quote or obligation-free property consultation. Remember check with your accountant as fees may be tax deductible for investors