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A “FREE SERVICE” to help you choose the best real Estate Agent to sell your home

PK Property has been offering free, independent advice to property sellers since 1997. This free service provides you with a list of real estate agents in your local area who we believe are best qualified to value your property and achieve you the highest possible sale price in the shortest possible time.

Because we are familiar with agents in your area, we have an intimate knowledge of which agents to use and, more importantly, which agents not to use when selling your property.

Choosing the right real estate agent can mean the difference between a sale above your expectations and, at worse, an extremely disappointing financial outcome. When researching the best agent to sell your home, you may receive some confusing and conflicting advice.Avoid the potential pitfalls and engage this FREE service from PK Property for honest, independent advice from one of our trusted Sales Advisory professionals.

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  • Advise you on the best three selling agents in your local area and what they charge.
  • Independently advise you on what your property is worth in the present market before you list it for sale with an agent.
  • Negotiate the lowest sales commission with your choice of agent and review all marketing costs and contracts before you sign with them.
  • Help you decide whether to sell for a fixed sale price or go to auction.
  • Advise you on what you should and shouldn’t spend on your property to prepare it for sale to achieve a higher price.
  • Recommend trusted industry professionals such as solicitors, property stylists, painters and more to help get your property prepared for sale.
  • Advise you when your property is on the market independently of your chosen selling agent, what offers you should consider, and assist you with any other matters that may arise throughout the sale process.


The real estate agent you choose will charge you their regular commission, but you will not pay any fee to PK Property for our advice in helping you sell your home. There are absolutely no charges, fees or hidden costs for using our service. The real estate agent pays PK Property a small referral fee from their commission when the property is sold, which is common place in the real estate industry.

For more information on this service please email [email protected] or call (+612) 9960 1066